All times approximate. This is a live broadcast and times are subject to change.

4:00 PM

CEE Brown Project

4:50 PM

Let's Move with Erie Dance ConsortiumWeaver, Jill RoukePoetry with Mabel Howard & Kat Wolper

5:15 PM

Kind Veg & Hypothetical HorrorNialwak Athow & Ashol AkolPoet Cee WilliamsNibal Ab el Karim & Zoey Crenshaw

5:30 PM

Blue Elephant Ensemble

6:20 PM

Samara Proctor & Electric VehiclesLet's Move with Erie Dance ConsortiumPlant it Forward & Mariana SyrotiakPoetry by Luchetta Manus & Thasia LungerGreen New Deal Coalition & Esther Ortiz

6:45 PM

"All Rhythm No Blues" by SheWorks

7:00 PM

Blind Boy Paxton


4:00 PM

David Kambowa

4:30 PM

Jamie Borowicz"What Was I Scared Of?" by SoMar DanceWorksPoet Chuck JoyLet's Move with Erie Dance Consortium

5:00 PM

Tasana Camara

5:20 PM

PennFuture & SoMar DanceWorksPoetry by Luke Kuzmish & Matt BorczonBenjamin Aysan & SamoneHerbalists Without Borders

5:45 PM

Charles Ventrello Quartet

6:25 PM

Let's Move with Erie Dance ConsortiumSolar Revolution & Brian Toy"What Is This - Can't Breathe" by Ubiquitous"Will There Be Singing?" by Dafmark Dance Theater

7:00 PM

George Burton Quartet